2.2 Chris Toumey’s c.v.

                                                                                           [November 2013]


USC NanoCenter

1212 Greene Street

University of South Carolina

Columbia  SC  20208  U.S.A.

TEL [803] 777-2221





Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of North Carolina.


M.A. in Anthropology at the University of Connecticut.

[M.A. Exams passed with distinction.]

B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology at Colgate University.


* Anthropology of Science: societal and cultural issues in nanotechnology; science and religion; democratic processes for science & technology policy; theory in Science & Technology Studies.

* Social and cultural theory: hermeneutic/interpretive theory; sociology of knowledge; history of anthropological thought.

* Anthropology of Religion: studies of ritual; religious reactions to nanotechnology and other technologies; science and religion.


In my dissertation, an ethnography of fundamentalist anti-evolutionism, I asked how creationists interpreted science to make it seem that secular science enhanced the credibility of ultra-conservative moral theories.  In 1994 Rutgers University Press published my book on this subject, God’s Own Scientists.

Subsequently I have pursued additional cases of cultural meanings invested in science and medicine, and the symbols used to manifest those meanings.  My theoretical approach combines sociology of knowledge, interpretive anthropology, and other theories about symbols.  My intention is neither to affirm nor deny that science is Truth with a capital T, but rather to use hermeneutics to explain how groups of people use the cultural meanings and symbols of science to make sense of their lives.  Thus my approach bypasses the binary opposition of deconstructionism versus positivism, and it also transcends such boundaries as scientists versus nonscientists, or science versus other forms of knowledge and belief.

My second book, Conjuring Science, concerned polysemic symbols of science in American life: science is a cultural problem in the sense that its symbols can convey both substantive scientific knowledge and cultural meanings that are not contingent on science, e.g., moral theories, existential values, or political ideologies.

Currently I am a Research Professor at the University of South Carolina.  I work in the USC NanoCenter on societal and cultural issues in nanotechnology.  I have four principal areas of research: narratives and other devices by which people seek to construct understandings of nanotech; religious reactions to nanotechnology; procedures by which nonexperts will participate in nanotechnology policy discussions; and, problems in the representation of nanoscale phenomena. 

Nanotechnology offers a special challenge to find ways for self-identified stakeholders to develop active and constructive roles in policy decisions (known generally as “democratizing science and technology”).  In 2004 I created a public engagement program, the South Carolina Citizens’ School of Nanotechnology (SCCSN), and another program, the Citizens’ School of Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology (CSFC&HT), in 2007.  These were trial-and-error exercises in realizing the democratization of science and technology, theoretically grounded in a line of critical thinking about nonexperts’ roles in science policy.

I am the author or co-author of more than seventy publications about societal and cultural issues in nanotechnology, with more forthcoming.  My commentaries on nanotech appear four times a year in Nature Nanotechnology, and currently I am writing a book on societal and cultural issues in nanotechnology.


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[At the request of Nature Nanotechnology, I have four humanistic commentaries

in that journal each year.]

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2004  Women, Smoking, Advertising, and Public Relations.

          Women’s Studies course on Health and Disease, USC, Spring 2004.

2003  Anticipating Public Reactions to Nanotechnology.

* Technishe Universitat Darmstadt, October 2003;

* Society for Social Studies of Science, Atlanta, October 2003

* NSF conference on Societal Implication of Nanotechnology, December 2003.

2003  Conjuring Science.

          Critical Inquiry Seminar, Univ. of South Carolina, January 2003.

2002  The Smoker and the Science.

          Annual Meeting, American Anthropological Assoc., New Orleans, Nov. 2002.

2002 Cultures of Interpretation: Intellectual Genres in the

Anthropology of Science.  Science Studies Group, USC, Fall 2002.

1999  Tobacco Policy and Legislative Culture in Kentucky.

          Medical Anthropology Research Group, Univ. of Kentucky, Fall 1999.

1997 Science in the Public Eye.

          New York Academy of Sciences, September 1997.

1997 Conjuring Medical Science.

          Sloan Kettering Institute, September 1997.

1995  The Anthropology of Science Intersects with Medical Anthropology. 

Med. Anthro. Research Group, Univ. of Ky, Spring 1995.

1994 Ersatz Science Suffices: Meanings & Symbols in a Referendum on AIDS/HIV.  Ctr. for the Study of Sci. in Society, Virginia Tech, January 1994.

1991 Anti-Evolutionism in North Carolina.

          Independent Scholars Assoc., Research Triangle Park, January 1991.




* American Anthropological Association (Fellow)

* Society for Social Studies of Science

* Society for Medical Anthropology

* American Association for the Advancement of Science





Faculty Positions

Research Professor of Anthropology (Adjunct), University of South Carolina.  Since 2009.

Research Associate Professor & Director of Outreach, USC NanoCenter.  September 2007 through February 2008.

Centenary Assoc. Research Professor of Anthropology at Univ. of South Carolina.   September 2004 through August 2007.

Coordinator of the Nano Semester at Univ. of South Carolina.  Spring 2005.

Adjunct Assoc. Professor of Anthropology, and Lecturer in Dept. of Health Promotion, USC School of Public Health, Fall 2000 through August 2004.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of Kentucky. 1999-2000 [1995-98: Instructor in Anthropology.] 

Visiting Lecturer in Anthropology, University of North Carolina.   

1992-94  [Nominated for Distinguished Teaching Award, 1994].

Instructor for 4-week seminars in Science, Technology & Human Values at Duke University.  Spring 1992; Fall 1992; Fall 1993.

Visiting Asst. Professor of Multidisciplinary Studies at North Carolina State Univ.  August 1988 through December 1990.

Lecturer in Anthropology at North Carolina State Univ.

August 1986 through August 1988; Summer 1991.

Lecturer in Sociology & Interdisciplinary Studies at the College of Wooster.  Fall 1985 through Spring 1986.

Instructor in Anthropology at Univ. of Hartford; at Univ. of Connecticut (Waterbury); and at Manchester Community College.  Fall 1978 through Summer 1979.


Other professional positions and responsibilities

Member of Rhodes Fellowship screening committee at USC. September 2013.

Ethnographic research on religious reactions to nanotechnology in the greater Columbia  SC area.  2010-11.

Organizer and chair of NSF workshop on reevaluating the conceptual framework for public knowledge of science as measured and reported in the Science & Engineering Indicators, and lead author of the workshop report.  2010.

Coordinator of Forums on Our Energy Future, USC College of Engineering & Computing.  March through December 2008.

Founder and Director of the South Carolina Citizens’ School of Nanotechnology. Eight rounds (each Spring and Fall). January 2004 through February 2008.

Founder and Director of the Citizens’ School on Fuel Cell & Hydrogen.  Two rounds, Spring and Fall 2007.

Member of the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Nanotechnology Education.  Since April 2007.

Founding Member of the American Academy of Nanomedicine. 

Since December 2005.


 “Thinking Partner” in Nanotechnology Informal Science Education (NISE) network, since 2005.


Member of the Univ. of South Carolina Dance Board.  Since Spring 2005.


Faculty judge for S.C. Honors College Discovery Day [poster session by Honors College undergraduates].  April 2004.

Evaluation coordinator for study of tobacco-related curricula in the USC School of Public Health.  2002-03.

Executive Editor of the Southern Anthropological Society Proceedings.  2002-2004.

Member of committee writing American Anthropological Assoc. position statement on evolution and creationism. 2000.

Project editor for study of compassion among health care professionals, at the Univ. of Kentucky.  2000-01.

1998: Consultant/reviewer for Anthropological Theory (2/e), edited by R.J. McGee & R.L. Warms. 

Research Associate for study of tobacco policy in the Kentucky General Assembly.  1996-99.

External reviewer of dissertation in History and Philosophy of Science at Univ. of Melbourne. 1997.

Consultant/interviewer for UNC School of Medicine study of tobacco policy in the N.C. General Assembly.  Summer 1994.

Special assistant for the Mental Health Study Commission

of the North Carolina General Assembly.  Spring 1993.

Project coordinator for evaluation of International Clinical Epidemiology Network, at UNC Med. School. Sept. 1990 to May 1991.

Guest juror/evaluator for graduate student designs in landscape architecture.  N.C.S.U. School of Design. 1993.

Ethnographic research (part. observation, interviews, etc.) on HIV-related behavior at STD clinic in Raleigh, N.C.  Spring 1988.

Co-editor of Gerald Henderson’s manuscript on Alfred Russel Wallace, updating MS. for publication.  1983-84.

Ethnographic fieldwork (participant observation, interviews, etc.) for dissertation fieldwork in North Carolina and elsewhere.  Spring 1982 thru Spring 1985.

Ethnographic research on proxemics in Jerusalem.  Summer 1980.

Graduate Teaching Assistant:

  • in Anthropology at UNC : Summer 1985; Spring 1984; Summer 1983;

   Fall 1982; Fall 1981; Summer 1981; Spring 1981; Spring 1980.

  • in English at UNC : Fall 1984 & Spring 1985.
  • in Geography at Univ. of Conn.: Spring 1978.
  • in Anthropology at Univ. of Conn.: Fall 1977.


1980-81: President of Anthropology Graduate Students Society at University of North Carolina.


Graduate Seminar: Creation-Evolution Controversies.

Graduate Reading Course: Culture and Scientific Thought: theory for the anthropology of science.

Advanced Undergraduate Courses:

* History of Anthropological Thought.

* Anthropology of Science.

* Anthropology of Religion.

* Medical Anthropology.

* Smoking Controversies.

* Contemporary Science & Human Values.

* Science and Civilization.

* Fundamentalist and Evangelical Religion.



Four-week Undergraduate Seminars:

* Mad Scientists and Anti-scientific Values in Popular Culture.

* The Cultural Basis of American Beliefs about AIDS.

* The Problem of Scientific Values versus American Culture.

First-Year Seminars:

* Individualism and Determinism.

* Creationism and Evolution.

Entry-Level Undergraduate Courses:

* Cultural Anthropology.                      

* Physical Anthropology.

* General (four-fields) Anthropology.

* English Composition & Rhetoric.


* Research assistant for Dr. Carole Crumley’s research on spatial and regional theory, at UNC.  1980-81.

* Archaeological photographer:

          –  Tel Ifshar, Israel.  Summer 1980.

–  Algonkian excavation in sub-Arctic region of Quebec

   Province, Canada.  Summer 1976.

–  Archaeology labs at Univ. of Conn.  3/ 1977 through 7/1978.

* Crew chief/area supervisor:

          – Survey in Agawam, Massachusetts.  August 1978.

          – Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.  Summer 1977.

          – Staffordshire, England.  January thru September 1974.

* Field surveyor for archaeological surveys in Eastern Connecticut.

March 1977 thru July 1978.

* Site assistant/archaeological technician:

          – Falls Lake, N.C.  Summer 1983.

          – Threave Castle (Dumfriesshire, Scotland), July 1974.

          – Iron Age hillfort (Campbeltown, Scotland), June 1974.

          – Iron Age settlement (Andover, England), Fall 1973.

          – Roman farmstead (Peterborough, England), Sept. 1973.

          – Urban medieval site (Peterborough, Eng.), Aug. 1973.

          – Iron Age site (Peterborough, England), 1972 & 1973.


P.I. on “Seeing is Believing”: Univ. of South Carolina Magellan Grant to support honors thesis of undergraduate student Emily Phifer.  $2500 in 2012.

P.I. on “NSF Workshop for Reevaluating Public Knowledge of Science” from National Science Foundation; $50,000 over twelve months, beginning September 2010.

P.I. on “Religious Reactions to Nanotechnology” from National Science Foundation; $180,000 over twelve months, beginning May 2010.

Coolidge Fellowship from CrossCurrents (The Association for Religion and Intellectual Life) to study denominational positions on science and technology at Union Theological Seminary in New York NY.  July 2010.

P.I. on grant from the South Carolina Research Authority ($20,000) to create a Citizens’ School on Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology. 2006-07.

Co-P.I. on NSF grant (#0531160; $1.3 million over five years) for Nanotechnology in Society Project (NISP), a unit of the Center for Nanotechnology in Society Network.  October 2006 to June 2008. 

Co-P.I. of D. Parra-Medina’s grant from ASPH to enhance teaching of tobacco-related topics in the USC School of Public Health. 2003.

Faculty Development Grants from the College of Wooster.

September 1985 and May 1986.

Pogue Fellowship for dissertation research at UNC.

Fall 1983.

University Research Council Grants, with N.B. Johnson, from UNC. Spring 1982 and Spring 1983.

Sigma Xi grants-in-aid-of-research.

Spring 1982 and Spring 1983.

Tuition Scholarship at Maine Photography Workshops.

July 1978.

Graduate teaching assistantships in Anthropology (n = 9), English (n = 2), and Geography (n = 1) at University of North Carolina and University of Connecticut.  1977 through 1985.


Moderated session on “Aesthetics and Realism” at the European Science Foundation conference on scientific visualization, Norrköping, Sweden, 19 September 2012.

Moderated session on “Narrating and Visualizing Science in the Arts”, at conference on Science and the Public.  Kingston upon Thames UK. 2 July 2011.

Organized and chaired NSF workshop on reevaluating public knowledge of science.  Arlington VA, 20-22 October 2010.

Organized Roundtable Discussion of the Feynman Legacy in Nanotechnology.  Soc. for Nanotech & Emerging Technologies [S.NET], Darmstadt DE.  30 September 2010.

Organized the Feynman Anniversary Symposium at the University of South Carolina, Columbia SC.  12 & 13 February 2010.

Chaired session on “the iterative process” at Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Charlotte NC.  14 November 2008.

Organized and moderated briefing on nanotechnology for Columbia SC City Council and other public officials.  22 February 2008.

Organized and moderated workshop on ethnic diversity in science and technology outreach in Columbia SC.  21 February 2008.

Organized and chaired session on “Visions of Nanotech” at Society for Social Studies of Science, Montreal PQ. 12 October 2007.

Organized and chaired session on “Nano Uncertainties” at Society for Social Studies of Science, Vancouver BC, 2 November 2006.

Moderated session at conference on Imaging the Nanoscale.            

Bielefeld, Germany, May 2005.

Organized and chaired session on anthropological studies of nanotech, American Anthropological Assoc., Washington DC, December 2005.


Moderated session on apocalyptic & utopian visions of nanotechnology, conference on Nano Ethics, Columbia SC, March 2005.

Co-chaired session on public understandings of nanotech at Society for Social Studies of Science, Paris, August 2004.

Organized and chaired session on Narratives of Nanotechnology for Society for Social Studies of Science. Atlanta GA. October 2003.

Chair of session on “Rhetoric and Belief” at conference on Discovering the Nanoscale.  March 2003.

Chair of session on “Ritual, Belief, and Religion.”   Southern Anthropological Society.  March 2001.

Organizer of symposium on “Ethics and Politics in the Anthropological Study of Science.” American Anthropological Assoc. November 1998.

Organizer and chair for symposium on “Synthetic Anthropologies of Science” at American Anthropological Assoc.  November 1997.

Organizer and co-chair for symposium on “Public Cultures of Science” at American Anthropological Assoc.  November 1996.

Organizer & chair of symposium on Anthropology of Science, at Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting.  October 1995.

Co-chair of symposium on the Anthropology of Science, American Anthropological Assoc. November 1994.

Organizer of symposium on the history of anti-evolutionary thought.  History of Science Society Annual Meeting.  November 1987.

Organizer & chair of symposium on anthropology of anti-evolutionary thought.  Amer. Anthro. Assoc.  November 1986.


2013:  Public Understanding of Science.

2013:  Conference on Computer Ethics: Philosophical Inquiry.

2012: Social Studies of Science.

2012: American Ethnologist  (x2).

2012: Israel Science Foundation proposal.

2011:  Chapter Seven (“Public Attitudes & Understanding”) of the 2012 NSF

          Science & Engineering Indicators.

2011: National Science Foundation proposal.

2010:  NanoEthics.

2010:  National Science Foundation proposal (X 2).

2010:  Science Communication.

2009:  Nature Nanotechnology.

2009:  British Journal for the History of Science.

2009:  Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education (ASTC).

2009:  Social Studies of Science.

2009:  Sociology of Science.

2009:  Science Communication.

2008:  Nature Nanotechnology. 

2008:  Science Communication.

2008:  NanoEthics.

2008:  Harvard University Press.

2008:  Techné.

2007:  Journal of Nano Education.

2007:  Science Communication (X 2).

2006:  American Anthropologist

2006:  Social Studies of Science.

2006:  Perspectives on Science, 2006.

2005:  Hyle.

2004:  Techné.

2004:  Hyle.

1999:  Cultural Anthropology.

1999:  Science, Technology & Human Values.

1999:  Public Understanding of Science.

1998:  Science, Technology & Human Values.

1995:  Science, Technology & Human Values.

1995:  Symbolic Interaction.

1995:  Natural History.

1994:  Natural History.

1993:  Creation/Evolution.





2013: Interviewed by Michele Catanzaro of The Guardian  regarding Toumey upcoming

          commentary in Nature Nanotechnology.

2013: Toumey research on nanotechnology & religion featured in blog of The Guardian ,

12 June 2013:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/small-world/2013/jun/12/nanotechnology-religion-complex-relationship

2012: Commentary on Toumey paper, “Seven Religious Reactions to Nanotechnology” in The Guardian, by Philip Ball, 13 January 2012.

www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jan/13/nanotechnology-religion-secular-moral-acceptance?newsfeed=true  [reprinted in the Canberra Times, 17 January 2012].

2011: Article about report of NSF workshop on public knowledge of science in

People & Science, by A. Ahuja, September 2011, p. 29.

2011: Report of NSF workshop on public knowledge of science discussed in Science,

22 July 2011, 333:394.

2010: Research quoted in the Christian Science Monitor .  30 April 2010.

2010: Research cited in article in Wall Street Journal, 8 January 2010, p. W19.

2008: Interviewed by Elizabeth Kramer of WFPL (NPR, Louisville KY).  26 August 2008.

2008: Interviewed by Dragonfly TV (PBS, Minneapolis MN) regarding societal issues in

          nanotechnology.  16 July 2008.

2008: Interviewed on “Conservation Matters,” WOIC in Columbia SC, regarding

Forums on Our Energy Future.

2008: Article about C. Toumey’s role in organizing Forums on Our Energy Future, Breakthrough  (USC research magazine), Summer 2008, p. 9.

2008: Interviewed on South Carolina Educational Radio Network [SCERN] regarding Forums on Our Energy Future; broadcast on 19 May 2008.

2008: Interviewed by business writer Hans VanderKnyff regarding the Citizens’

School on Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology. 30 January 2008.
2008: Interviewed by Jeremy Matthews of Physics Today  regarding the SCCSN.

24 January 2008.

2008: Toumey research on religious reactions to nanotech featured in N.Y. Times  blog

          on technology: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/01/11/god-and-small-things/.

2007: Interviewed by The Carolinian  regarding the SCCSN: quoted Summer 2007.

2006: Podcast on nanotechnology for the NISE Network.

2006: Interviewed by Earth and Sky [NPR]; interview broadcast in 2006.

2005: Interviewed on WIS-TV [Columbia SC]; live interview broadcast 1 February 2005.

2004: Interviewed by S.C. Business Review [NPR in Columbia SC]; broadcast in 2004.

2001: Interviewed by  N.Y. Times.

2000: Interviewed by Science.

1999: Interviewed by N.Y. Times; Reuters; Chron. of Higher Ed.

1998: Interviewed by WUNC [NPR/Chapel Hill, N.C.]; broadcast in 1998.

1997: Interviewed by KPCC [NPR/Los Angeles] broadcast in 1997.

1997: Interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio; broadcast in 1997.

1997: Interviewed by ABC News.

1996: Interviewed by BBC.

1996: Interviewed by KET-TV [PBS/Kentucky]; broadcast in 1996.

1996: Interviewed by NPR station in Lexington KY; broadcast in 1996.

1994: Interviewed by Soundings  (National Humanities Center); broadcast in 1994.         

1994: Interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio; broadcast in 1994.

1987: Interviewed by Soundings (National Humanities Center); broadcast in 1987.

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