3.4 Papers on other topics

Papers on other topics: creationism and evolution; conjuring science; mad scientists; alternative genders; and more.

2010  Science in the Service of Citizens & Consumers: The NSF Workshop on Public Knowledge of Science.  by C. Toumey, J.  Besley, M. Blanchard, M. Brown, M. Cobb, E.H. Ecklund, M. Glass, T.M. Guterbock, A.E. Kelly, & B. Lewenstein.  Report to NSF, 4 November 2010. http://nano.sc.edu/resources/publications.aspx

 2008  Gender, Alternatives to BinaryInternational Encyclopedia of the Social  Sciences, 2nd Edition, Vol. 3, ed. by W.A. Darity (Detroit: Macmillan Reference U.S.A., 2008), pp. 270-272.

 2007  Serpents, Sainthood, and Celebrity: Symbolic and Ritual Tension in Appalachian Pentecostal Serpent Handling.  by K. Tidball & C. Toumey.  Journal of Religion & Popular Culture, Vol. 17.  Fall 2007.


2007  Huguenots.  In New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Vol. 6: Ethnicity, ed. by C. Ray (Chapel Hill, NC: UNC Press, 2007) pp. 161-162.

 2006  Evolution, Teaching of. in The Encyclopedia of North Carolina, ed. by W.S. Powell (Chapel Hill NC: UNC Press, 2006), pp. 404-405.

 2005  Science in an Old Testament Stylein Making Sense: Essays on Art, Science, and Culture, 2/e, ed. by B. Coleman, R. Brittenham, S. Campbell & S. Girard (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2005), pp. 527-535.

 2005  Multiple Genders. In Youth, Education, and Sexualities: an International Encyclopedia, ed. by J.T. Sears.  Westport, CT: Greenwood, pp. 565-567.

 2004  PrefaceIn Cultures of Creationism, edited by S. Coleman and L. Carlin (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2004), pp. ix-xiv.

 2003  Measuring Compassion in Physician Assistants. by K. Skaff, C.Toumey,        D. Rapp & D. Fahringer.  J. of the Amer. Acad. of Physician Assistants, 16[1]:31-40.

 2003 Signifying Serpents: Hermeneutic Change in Appalachian Pentecostal Serpent Handling. by K.G. Tidball & C.P. Toumey.  In Signifying Serpents and Mardi Gras Runners [Southern Anthro. Soc. Proc., Vol. 36], ed. by C. Ray & L.E. Lassiter (Athens, Ga.: Univ. of Ga. Press), pp. 1-18.

2002  Science in an Old Testament Style.  in Making Sense: Constructing Knowledge in the Arts and Sciencesed. by B. Coleman, R. Brittenham, S. Campbell & S. Girard (N.Y.: Houghton Mifflin, 2002), pp. 516-523.

 2000 Rationalization, Creationism, and the Mechanics of Contradiction.           Social Studies of Science, 30(1):141-145.

 1999 Kentucky Legislators’ Views on Tobacco Policy, by E. Hahn, C. Toumey, M. Rayens, & C. McCoy.  Am. J. of Preventive Med., 16(2):81-88.

 1998 Building Consensus with Decisionmakers in Kentucky, by E. Hahn, M. Rayens, C. Toumey, & C. McCoy.  Proc. of the 1998 National Conference on Tobacco & Health, pp. 97-101. 

 1997 Conjuring Medical Science: The 1986 Referendum on AIDS/HIV Policy     in California.  Medical Anthropology Quarterly,11(4):477-497.

 1997 Praying with Creationists.  in Practicing Anthropology in the South, ed. by J.M. Wallace (Athens, Ga.: Univ. of Georgia Press) pp. 74-80.

 1996 Conjuring Science in the Case of Cold Fusion.  Public Understanding of Science, 5:121-133.

1994 Review of The Creationists, by Ronald L. Numbers.  Science, Technology & Human Values, 19(1):113-115.

1993 Evolution and Secular Humanism.   J. of the American Academy of Religion, 61(2):275-301.

 1993 Review of AIDS Today, Tomorrow, by Robert S. Walker.  Social Science Quarterly, 74(1):236-237.

1993 Empathy for Unlucky Monkeys.   North Carolina Humanities, 2(1):15-19.

 1993 Praying with Creationists.  Soundings, 76(1):59-84.

 1993 Creationists.  Metascience, N.S. 3:41-44.

 1993  Orthodoxy and Originality in Creationist Thought  Creation/Evolution, 13(1):32-41.

 1993  Review of The Preadamite Theory & the Marriage of Science & Religion, by D.N. Livingstone. Creation/Evolution, 13(1):59-60.

 1992 The Moral Character of Mad Scientists: A Cultural Critique of           Science.  Science, Technology & Human Values, 17:411-437.

 1992 Creationism in North Carolina: A Recent History.  Creation/Evolution, 12(2):30-42.

 1992 Review of  The Creationist Movement in Modern America, by R. Eve & F. Harrold.  American Scientist, May 1992, pp.291-92.

1991 Modern Creationism and Scientific Authority.  Social Studies of Science, 21(4):681-699.

 1990 Sectarian Aspects of American Creationism.  International J. of Moral & Social Studies, 5(2):116-142.

 1990 Social Profiles of Anti-Evolutionism in North Carolina in the 1980s. J. Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc. [N.C. Academy of Science], 106(4):93-117.

1987  Jemmy Button.  The Americas, 44(2):195-207.

 1987 Irreconcilable Differences or Mistaken Identity?  Books & Religion, January 1987, pp. 5-13.

1986 Religious Values and Spatial Behavior in Jerusalem.  Ekistics, 53(318):137-143.

 1985 The Holy Man of Ballyvourney.  Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, 11(2):39-45.

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 1980 Raths and Clachans: The Homogeneity of Early Irish Society.  Eire-Ireland, 15(4):86-105.

1979 Techniques for Photographing Artifacts.

          Journal of Field Archaeology, 6(1):122-123.


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